Example Overview

In the following chapters, examples are presented for the use of DEVSIM to solve some simulation problems. Examples are also located in the DEVSIM distribution and their location is mentioned in Directory structure for DEVSIM..

The following example directories are contained in the distribution.


These are 1D and 2D capacitor simulations, using the internal mesher. A description of these examples is presented in Capacitor.


This is a collection of 1D, 2D, and 3D diode structures using the internal mesher, as well as Gmsh. These examples are discussed in Diode.


This is a biosensor application.


This directory has examples importing meshes from Genius Device Simulator.


This is a 2D magnetic field simulation solving for the magnetic potential. The simulation script is vector_potential/twowire.py A simulation result for two wires conducting current is shown in Fig. 6.


Fig. 6 Simulation result for solving for the magnetic potential and field. The coloring is by the Z component of the magnetic potential, and the stream traces are for components of magnetic field.


This is an advanced example using electric field dependendent mobility models.